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What ROI can I expect from B2B telesales in 2017?

If you are planning to invest in B2B telesales in the New Year, it’s natural to want to know what kind of return on investment, or ROI, you can expect to see.

Of course it depends on what you’re selling, the duration of your B2B telesales campaign, and a few other factors, but the ROI can be substantial and reselling opportunities can multiply the benefits over the long term too.

For example, one recent Toucan Telemarketing campaign lasting for six months was used to promote the client’s services to B2B customers.

At a cost of £15,000, we were able to generate nearly £27,500 of revenue on existing quotes valued at around £72,000, with a massive £616,000 of annual opportunities.

If you’re selling a product instead of a service, one recent ten-month campaign generated nearly £40,000 of revenues on existing quotes of just under £165,000.

At a total cost of £25,000 this again represents a healthy rate of return – and we would always expect substantial positive ROI on any product or service B2B telesales campaign.