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How Telemarketing is Not What You Think it is

Some people have fixed ideas about telemarketing and they are almost uniformly negative. But seeing it simply as a means of badgering people to buy things they do not really want and intruding on their lives is a very limited view.

The truth is, in the right context, telemarketing is a highly valuable marketing tool, employed with skill and diligence.

Paula Bates, Managing Director of Toucan Telemarketing, explains how it works for B2B lead generation, and why it is a powerful means of engaging with prospects while complementing other marketing activities.

Breathing New Life into a Lost Skill

“Conversation has always been the key to relationship-building, and talking to prospects on the phone should be no different. Using the telephone for lead generation is a sound principle, providing you go about it the right way.

“The temptation, in a connected, digital world, is to see talking on the phone as somehow inessential when there are other marketing channels. What we find, though, is that it is an essential component in a wider marketing strategy.

“We can win big business for our clients not by selling but by making introductions. It’s like matchmaking for B2B.

“It’s about having the right people for the job, who have the necessary skills to engage with businesses over the phone. We have a rigorous selection process to ensure we have people with personalities to match the demands of the work.”

Following Up

“We fit right in with digital marketing strategies because we provide the crucial follow-up to email campaigns and the pull marketing of landing pages and blogs. Metrics and analytics will give you names, downloadable content will give you email addresses, but we’re the people who can make verbal contact and take your engagement to the next level.

“For many businesses, they don’t have the resource to keep calling people and, crucially, they’re not comfortable doing it. For us, it’s what we specialise in.”

Casting a Wider Net

“It can be a case of looking to increase your business coverage from scratch, which means reaching out with targeted calls. In fact, it’s a form of content marketing, because the content of the call, the subjects we raise, will be what brings results.

“Also, like content marketing, the means of delivery is vital – the calls we make should start a dialogue by striking a tone that’s friendly but also professional. This

is what makes a difference, and what marks out our form of telemarketing as a professional marketing discipline.”