Why teamwork matters to a B2B telesales agency

We’re rightfully proud of the strong level of teamwork that exists in our B2B telesales agency – but you might wonder why it matters, when a typical call consists of one sales operator speaking directly to one prospect.

The answer is simply that things work better when they are joined up – as stressed by Aberdeen Group’s Peter Ostrow in a recently published blog post.

He refers to a seven-figure B2B sale he witnessed very nearly break down due to “a comical, Murphy’s Law lack of internal controls and routing”.

“The accounting, sales, and operations teams in the selling company were all singing off different sheets of music,” he explains.

Ultimately it emerged that the potential buyer had an outstanding invoice for a few thousand dollars – insignificant relative to the deal that was being sold to them, but enough to create an obstacle to its completion.

Teamwork – both within a B2B telesales agency and in terms of interaction with our clients – allows us to ensure similar stumbling blocks do not undermine your ability to sell to new and existing clients.

As a result, we can generate new business leads for you without any unnecessary delays or interruptions – making even a one-to-one sale part of a larger team effort on your behalf.