B2B Telesales & Lead Generation for Roofing Companies

roofing contractorVery nearly every business needs a roof over its head, and B2B roofing contractors stand to land some very lucrative contracts depending on the size of that roof and the work that needs doing on it.

It’s often surprising how many businesses persevere with a leaky or draughty roof, even in areas open to the public, yet with the right marketing it can be possible to secure their interest in a repair or complete refit.

Toucan Telemarketing’s team of B2B telesales executives for roofing contractors are well experienced in this area and are ready to help deliver you an ongoing pipeline of new business opportunities in your area.

Appointment Setting

This is an industry more than most where you need to meet in person before finalising what’s on order, but with our appointment setting for roofers, we can take care of the leg work for you.

We will make sure any prospective customers are fully vetted and ready to sign on the dotted line, so that all you need to do is meet with them and agree on the final terms and price.

B2B Telesales / Outbound

Outbound B2B telesales for roofing contractors can be a useful way to remind new and existing customers of the importance of a sound and solid roof, both when wet weather is on its way, and also at more pleasant times of year when they might otherwise overlook that maintenance work they had intended to get done.

Customer Surveys

A happy customer is a much more likely repeat customer, while unhappy customers can provide valuable insight to help you improve your business for the future.

Toucan can carry out customer surveys for roofing contractors, with the appropriate sensitivity towards customers who were less happy with their experience, to turn that into a positive growth opportunity for the future.

Database Enrichment

Database enrichment for roofing contractors is a way to fill in the blanks in client and prospect records, while removing those that are out of date – essential for compliance with Data Protection and GDPR.

We can carry out database enrichment to a high standard, leaving you with a database that contains only suitable prospects and with each entry fully fleshed out so you can contact them with confidence.

Demand Generation

People and companies who work in the trades are often surprised by how widely their name is known – many people might have seen your van or heard of you through word of mouth.

Demand generation is a way for roofers and roofing firms to reach out to this audience and turn them from just being aware of you, to placing their first order with you.

Event Follow-Up

If you attend trade fairs or other events in the construction and maintenance industries, Toucan can follow up on that – just let us know who else was in attendance and any contact details you collected, and we can do the rest to convert those people from fellow attendees, to prospects, to qualified leads, to paying customers.

Lead Generation

Lead generation for roofing firms is Toucan’s way to identify potential customers and ensure that they are suitable and worthy to progress on to appointment setting with you in person, where you can sign the paperwork for their first paid order.

List Building

Building a marketing list for roofing contractors expands on the prospects and local customer base you may have already targeted (or if not, we can start with that too) to develop a database of likely customers to reach out to as part of your telemarketing campaign.

Market Research

You never know the size of your potential market until you properly research it, and Toucan have the experience and expertise to do that on your behalf, identifying key details like your primary competitors, untapped client base and other opportunities in your local area.

Find out more about Toucan’s work with Roofing Contractors

We have a proud history of carrying out hugely successful outbound B2B telesales campaigns for roofing contractors – and we want to work with you next.

To find out more about what Toucan Telemarketing can do to build your business, you might want to read our roofing case studies on our blog, or just give us a call to ask us any questions you might have.

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