Construction Telemarketing and Appointment Settings Services

two construction workers and surveyor on construction siteA good B2B lead generation campaign can be the cornerstone of construction firms’ plans for growth, with a strong positive return on investment and a pipeline of qualified leads in this competitive industry.

Toucan Telemarketing understands the ever-changing nature of the construction sector, which is arguably one of the more volatile of the UK’s main industries.

But with the support of our expert telesales professionals, we can build bespoke B2B telemarketing campaigns that align closely with your own business goals, and yield the high-quality prospects and leads you need to thrive at any stage in the market cycle.

Appointment Setting

If you want to have the final word on any deals, then don’t worry, as we are able to complement our lead generation with appointment setting for builders and construction firms to meet with prospects in person.

This allows a member of your own workforce to negotiate the final terms of the sale but ensures that you only spend that time when we have confirmed that the prospect is ready to finalise such an agreement.

B2B Outbound Telesales 

Our construction industry B2B outbound telesales campaigns are focused solely on maximising your return on investment by generating new building leads and wider demand, converting prospects into qualified leads, and appointment setting so you can meet with them and sign a contract.

Customer Surveys

Surveys of new and existing customers are a great way to understand more about how your company is perceived, and identify your unique selling points, whether it’s workmanship, value, or being able to deliver on time and on budget.

Builders’ Database Enrichment

The more detailed your database, the more opportunities we can identify to reach out to new and existing customers with tantalising construction services that they will be more likely to snap up.

Builders’ database enrichment is about filling in any gaps in the information you have about past customers, prospects and partners in the construction industry, helping us and you to sound more informed during their next B2B telesales call.

Demand Generation

Why leave market demand to chance? Toucan’s B2B telemarketing team are adept at identifying opportunities to build demand in the construction sector – even with clients who didn’t know they needed anything building.

This is not just lead generation but goes beyond that to create a real sense of buzz surrounding your construction services, so that prospects realise they may have previously overlooked the ways you can help them.

Construction Event Follow-Up

The construction industry has some of the strongest networking events, with some of the largest numbers of attendees, so don’t waste the opportunities you develop on the day.

With our construction event follow-up services, we can reach out to anyone who expressed an interest in your building firm, and either nurture that relationship for the future or convert them into a qualified lead ready for appointment setting in the immediate term.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the ultimate aim of much of the work we do on B2B telesales for construction sector clients, and we will always work closely with you to establish the criteria that qualify a prospect as a high-quality lead so we can supply you with a pipeline of prospects ready to convert into paid customers.

List Building

Feel like you’ve exhausted all of your local market opportunities? You might be surprised by Toucan’s own building abilities – identifying untapped audiences to build a bigger and better marketing list for your next campaign.

Market Research

Success in a competitive construction industry depends on giving your business a firm foundation, and our market research helps builders to learn more about their prospective client base, competitors and local market opportunities.

Find out more about Toucan’s work with Builders and Construction Firms

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more about Toucan Telemarketing’s B2B telesales campaigns for construction firms and builders.

We have an extensive list of previous case studies, giving you an insight into the work we do with builders and companies in the construction sector.

And we are always happy to answer any questions and queries you might have, with no obligation to proceed with a campaign just for getting in touch with us.

To speak to a member of our team about B2B telemarketing for the construction industry, either fill in the form on our Contact Us page for a quick response or call us direct on 01260 294444.