B2B Telesales & Lead Generation for LED and Lighting Contractors

LED lighting installation contractorsAre you looking to further your LED Lighting company’s success by building positive relationships with other businesses?

At Toucan, our highly experienced team of expert telemarketing consultants have overseen countless B2B telemarketing campaigns, helping companies throughout the LED Lighting industry make meaningful connections with potential customers.

Since being established in the UK more than twenty years ago, Toucan has helped many clients to grow their businesses through telemarketing.  Our fresh and thoughtful approach to telemarketing encourages our consultants to engage in natural, free-flowing, verbal exchanges with a variety of businesses to promote your business on your behalf and generate viable, high-quality leads.

Unlike other telemarketing agencies, our staff have a thorough and privileged understanding of the LED lighting industry and can engage in high-quality and un-scripted interactions with business on your behalf. We understand that all businesses are unique, and will work closely with your staff and your teams to create a telemarketing service that is tailored to fulfilling the individual needs of your business.

With all our B2B telemarketing services, our goal is to help our clients succeed and get the very best ROI. To find out how we can help your business grow, contact us today.

Although we are proud of our exceptional telemarketing service, we understand that taking the leap to outsource your business’s telemarketing activities can be daunting. Many businesses are nervous about out-sourcing their telemarketing activities to agencies, fearing that agency telemarketers won’t have the passion or knowledge needed to progress their business, generate leads and chase-down business decision makers for appointments. At Toucan, we understand you may have reservations and will work with you on a non-contract basis to create a service that works for you.

Outsourcing your telemarketing activities could be immensely beneficial to your company. Attempts to set-up and manage in-house telemarketing schemes are often costly and, ultimately, futile. Finding experienced telemarketing staff that can handle difficult interactions and push leads on your behalf can be difficult. By outsourcing your telemarketing needs to us, you can invest your time and money into other objects, safe in the knowledge that your telemarketing needs are being met by a highly skilled team of experienced telemarketing consultants.


Some of the common services we offer businesses include:

  • A non-scripted and personal telemarketing service. Unlike other companies, we won’t endeavour to contact businesses by email but will speak to business decision makers directly over the phone. We understand that encouraging non-scripted interactions between our telemarketers and potential customers is more likely to generate a viable lead than sending an impersonal email or instructing staff to read from bland scripts. All our staff have excellent communication skills and can engage in free-flowing exchanges with senior business decision makers on your behalf. Our personal approach to telemarketing is key to building a good rapport with potential customers.


  • Generating potential leads and assessing their quality to help your business make new sales. We understand that only high-quality leads are worth chasing down. We won’t waste our time chasing down leads that aren’t likely to translate into actual sales.


  • Setting up face-to-face appointments with business decision makers. No matter how many leads we generate, they won’t mean anything unless your business is able to converse directly with your potential customer. Chasing down business decision makers for appointments dates can be tiresome, and many leads are abandoned by time-strapped companies that don’t have the resources or capabilities to keep tracking them down. Our teams can take over this task for you, contacting businesses on your behalf and persevering in setting up important business meetings.

Take a look at some of our previous telemarketing projects in the LED Lighting industry by viewing our case studies here.

Call Toucan Telemarketing today for more information about how telemarketing services can help your business.