B2B Telesales service for Large Companies

City of London skyscrapersThe bigger they are, the harder they spend – which is why Toucan Telemarketing’s B2B lead generation campaigns for enterprise clients can yield a new business pipeline totaling well over seven figures in some instances.

Our past performance speaks for itself, and on our blog, you will find details of some of our biggest new business wins for enterprise clients in the past.

Here below you will also find more information about all of our different lead generation and B2B telemarketing services for enterprise clients, and how we can help you to maximise your marketing ROI.

Appointment Setting

Time is money in any business, but especially at enterprise level, which is why our appointment setting for big businesses aims to reduce wasted time for your in-house marketing team and account managers.

We make sure to feed your teams a pipeline of only high-quality qualified leads who are ready to meet in person – and who are worthy of taking the time out of your working day to meet with, too.

B2B Telesales / Outbound

As a big business it is likely that you are widely known – perhaps even a household brand name – so you need confidence that your B2B telesales campaigns will be carried out appropriately.

Our experienced team of outbound telesales executives will work closely to understand your brand and tone of voice, so that we are able to offer a seamless experience for prospects through nurturing, lead generation and appointment setting, and as they transition to become a paid customer of your company.

Customer Surveys

What do your customers really think about you? Whether it’s good or bad, it’s crucial to know if you are to plan future marketing activities effectively, which is why at Toucan we conduct customer surveys for big brands and report honestly back to you on the results and what they mean for your B2B marketing plans.

Database Enrichment

Even the most detailed of enterprise marketing databases can be enriched in some way, and at Toucan we are experts at identifying those opportunities and doing the hard work to get the missing details about the prospects on your list, allowing us to make a more informed approach to them in your next telesales campaign.

Demand Generation

Just because you are a large company, it doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let customers come to you. With Toucan’s demand generation for enterprise clients, we can build buzz surrounding your brand and turn that outreach into a net inflow of paying customers.

Networking Event Follow-Up

Enterprise-level networking events, conferences, conventions, trade fairs and expos all unlock new marketing opportunities, but it’s crucial to follow up with prospects who might otherwise fail to make contact with you again in the future.

Lead Generation

As a big brand name, you have a reputation that is worthy of trading on, and Toucan Telemarketing’s expert team can do this sensitively to generate a pipeline of qualified new business leads with positive brand perception as a key criterion.

This means you know the new business leads we pass over to your in-house team and the meetings we schedule as part of our appointment setting for enterprise clients are based on a positive foundation, with an excellent likelihood of converting to become a paid customer.

List Building

Any B2B telemarketing list should contain the juiciest prospects in your industry, but at enterprise level it’s even more important to look beyond the low-hanging fruit.

We can build an enterprise marketing list that serves as a springboard for future campaigns to target the biggest, most profitable prospects within your supply chain and maximise your ROI in the process.

Market Research

Whatever market you’re in, and even if you are at the top of the tree, there are always new opportunities, new challenges and new emerging competitors to identify, and with Toucan’s market research for enterprise clients, we can identify and report back to you on the best opportunities for future growth and profit.

Find out more about Toucan’s work with Enterprise Clients

We’re always happy to talk to enterprise clients about our B2B telemarketing and demand generation services for large firms and multinationals.

As mentioned above, our case studies are a good place to start if you want proof of the results we have achieved for some of our biggest clients in the past.

But we welcome questions and enquiries too, either over the phone or via our online contact form for a quick response in writing.

To call us, the number you need is 01260 294444, or just visit our Contact Us page to fill in the form there and give us the details of your inquiry

Toucan has helped rebuild our confidence and faith that the right partner is key to our growth in the UK market

“Paula and her dedicated team have been excellent in delivering, initially on our test project where they showed fantastic results in a short time, and now continued success as we’ve continued outsourcing our telemarketing with them throughout the UK. We came to Toucan with a bad taste having invested heavily with another company that, on paper, looked very impressive in terms of size and the package they presented but failed to deliver quite drastically. It was a huge blow but we were convinced that outsourcing was the way forward. Toucan has helped rebuild our confidence and faith that the right partner is key to our growth in the UK market.”

Andy Braisdell,

Travelport Hotelzon

Thank you for all the effort you have put in towards the development of our company.

“We strongly recommend Paula and her team from Toucan who have always given us excellent service and provided us with some incredibly valuable connections and contacts. One such meeting will go on to generate the company initially £1.2m within its first 2 years. The meetings that have been generated have developed into important connections and without their help the company would not be in the position it is today.”

Michael Lancaster,

Commercial Director, RMS, Those Who Scan