B2B Telesales & Lead Generation for Training Companies

business receiving skills trainingTraining providers offer a hugely valuable service to other businesses, allowing them to invest in people and improve the skills of their workforce without having to recruit externally at the desired skills level or pay grade.

It’s a way to gain knowledgeable staff for less money, while offering employees the perks of continuing professional development and keeping them intellectually stimulated too.

Toucan can help training providers to tap into this positivity by getting your name known more widely, building that demand and generating leads, and converting them into paying customers in the form of new training provision contracts.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting gives you an important opportunity to meet in person with prospects who we believe are ready and able to sign a contract for your training provision – turning them into long-term paying customers.

B2B Outbound Telesales

Outbound B2B telemarketing for the training sector reaches out to prospects and aims to convert them or to arrange an in-person meeting via appointment setting – again, transforming prospects into qualified leads and feeding that pipeline of opportunities through to your account managers and marketing team.

Customer Surveys

As something that is often delivered as a ‘soft service’, training in all its forms is highly subject to the opinions of its customers, and customer surveys for the training sector yield valuable insight into how you’re doing, as well as ways you can add value to your future service offering to win more lucrative contracts.

Database Enrichment

If your marketing database is a hodge-podge of telephone numbers, email addresses and physical mailing addresses, it can be hard to know how to target marketing efforts.

Toucan can carry out database enrichment for training providers to fill in those blanks, giving you a comprehensive set of contact details for every prospect on your list, and removing those who have gone bust or moved elsewhere.

Demand Generation

Getting your name known more widely can be a useful step towards winning more work, especially from bigger clients. Demand generation does just that, with B2B telesales to make sure your key prospects know you are there and ready to do business with them.

Event Follow-Up

The nature of the training industry can mean that at business networking events, you get a lot of expressions of interest rather than solid conversions – but that’s where Toucan can help.

Just pass those contact details over to us and we will follow up with anyone who expressed interest in your services, or who attended the same event, with a view to generating some new business leads or at least nurturing a long-term relationship.

Lead Generation

We work rigorously and systematically to approach each prospect in a detailed database, identifying those who are in a position to work with you in the immediate future.

From there, we can either hand the generated leads over to you, or take them forward to the appointment setting stage, which can be a useful way for training providers to meet in person with prospective clients and identify exactly what services they need from you.

List Building

B2B list building for training providers is a balance of outreach to identify new and previously unapproached prospects, and hard work to collate all of their contact details and determine their value as a qualified lead.

Toucan can carry out this detailed and time-consuming work for you, leaving you with a fully up-to-date list of prospects to approach as part of your next B2B telemarketing campaign.

Market Research

Toucan’s in-depth market research for training firms helps you to understand the broader industry conditions in which you operate – and crucially, helps to identify new growth opportunities, no matter how well you are already doing.

Find out more about Toucan’s work with Training Providers

Toucan have a wealth of experience working with all kinds of training providers, so if you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know exactly what area you operate in.

Our blog is a good starting point if you would like to see case studies of our work on training industry telesales campaigns and across other sectors too.

You can contact us directly with any questions, including if you don’t feel like our case studies touch on your own area of expertise – we are very likely to have directly relevant experience that just hasn’t featured on the blog yet.

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