Proven Outbound B2B telesales for all UK business Sectors

Toucan Telemarketing has experience, expertise and past campaign successes across all UK sectors of business, with case studies available for some of our biggest outbound B2B telesales results in recent years.

As with all of our services, we are committed to working closely with our clients to understand the sector in which you operate, so that our bespoke B2B telemarketing campaigns are based not only on your industry type but also on other factors like your size, geographic location and existing supply chain.

This means that our tailor-made B2B telesales campaigns are highly focused on you and your ambitions for future growth, whether within your existing remit of goods and services, or expansion into new areas.

In turn, this naturally generates high-value and highly relevant new business leads that drive the ROI on a Toucan Telemarketing B2B telemarketing campaign to a level most others cannot match.

The sectors we work with

Below you can find a brief summary of the main sectors we work with time and time again – remember our experience is much broader than this list though, and there is as much, if not more to be gained in terms of positive ROI on a bespoke B2B marketing campaign for niche sectors.


Work with the largest firms in your area by enlisting Toucan Telemarketing to build a list of the highest value prospectsenrich your existing marketing database with comprehensive, updated contact details, and nurture those prospects over time to become qualified business leads.

Building & Construction

Market your goods and services effectively in an industry where many deals are done over the phone. Toucan Telemarketing can approach tradespeople in your area in an appropriate way, establishing positive rapport and business relationships that in some cases can endure over a number of years.

Enterprise Clients

Large enterprise-level clients can take the most nurturing, but the return on investment can be vast when you land a contract. A Toucan Telemarketing B2B telesales campaign can keep those conversations going, while our database enrichment service can make sure you don’t lose touch with valuable prospects at the top level.

Financial Services

Tap into the lucrative financial services sector on a local, regional or national scale – Toucan Telemarketing can coordinate campaigns on any scaletargeting the largest organisations in the country or reaching out to local SMEs to build your brand recognition and positive perception.

International Companies Targeting the UK

With Toucan Telemarketing’s local knowledge of UK sectors and domestic markets, we can deliver insights and new business leads to help you get established here and create a pipeline of new business from day one.


Approach buyers in the IT industry in the right way and you can start a conversation that unlocks all kinds of sales opportunities. Toucan Telemarketing can create a bespoke B2B telesales campaign that does just that, delivering a stream of qualified leads ready for negotiation or to close the deal.

LED Lighting

Work with a B2B telemarketing agency that understands modern technologies like LED lighting, from the semiconductors that emit the light, to the eco-friendly and energy-saving credentials of the finished luminaires.


B2B telesales campaigns are not only for service providers; they can also be an effective way to generate massive ROI in the manufacturing industries, especially if your competitors are not also marketing themselves in this way.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Develop business relationships with firms across the mechanical and electrical engineering sectors that align closely with your own business ambitions. Toucan can conduct highly focused and relevant B2B marketing campaigns to deliver only the very best, most highly qualified leads to your in-house sales team or account managers.

Roofing Contractors

B2B contracts can be among the most lucrative for roofing contractors, from new-build housing estates to commercial refits and refurbishments, and Toucan Telemarketing can reach out to commercial organisations across your catchment area to win your next big work contract.


Let Toucan Telemarketing approach telecommunications providers on your behalf with professional, high-quality B2B telesales campaigns that help to present your organisation as being among the most capable in your sector and build high-value new business leads as a result.

Training Providers

Training providers often work with many different organisations and consumer clients, making this a broad supply chain to tap into. Toucan Telemarketing can make the case for your goods and servicesestablishing you as a necessary investment for training providers who want to operate at their best.

Translation Services

B2B telemarketing campaigns allow translation services providers to reach out to relevant business prospects wherever they are based – and our list building process will identify the most relevant, high-value potential clients for your campaign.

Find out more

We have an extensive portfolio of case studies to help you learn more about Toucan Telemarketing’s B2B telemarketing activities in your sector and how we can help to deliver substantial ROI on your next B2B telesales campaign.

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