Lead Generation and Telemarketing for Manufacturing

manufacturing factoryUK manufacturing is a strong sector both in terms of employment and in revenues, but it is also highly competitive. To reach the top of the manufacturing industry, you need to be ready to capitalise on the growth opportunities that are open to you in an ever-changing market.

With Toucan Telemarketing’s help, you can benefit from demand generation and manufacturing lead generation for the UK sector, as well as related services like list building and database enrichment to support your future B2B telemarketing campaigns.

Here are our core services and how they can help UK manufacturing firms to achieve not just positive ROI, but a substantial return as part of a long-term highly profitable pipeline of new qualified leads.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting in the manufacturing sector can mean so much more than cold calling. Through our manufacturing appointment settings services, you’ll be able to give prospective clients a tour of your facility and showcase your product of service.

With Toucan’s help, our appointment setting for British manufacturers means you know it is worth making those extra efforts when meeting with high-quality pre-qualified prospects who are highly likely to place an order.

B2B Telesales / Outbound Telemarketing

A manufacturing facility is often not the ideal location to place outbound B2B telesales calls from, even if you have the in-house expertise to conduct a B2B manufacturing telemarketing campaign.

Instead, our experienced and professional team can handle outbound telemarketing campaigns for British manufacturing companies, conducted from our offices with a view to lead generation and appointment setting that we can then deliver to your team to close the deal.

Customer Surveys

Gauge the sentiment among customers and the broader business community with our customer surveys for UK manufacturers, delivering insight that helps to underpin your business ambitions over the long term.

Database Enrichment

Do you find your attempts at marketing strategy are often thwarted by companies that have gone out of business or changed their contact details? Database enrichment is about closing those potholes before they trip you up, allowing your B2B telemarketing campaigns to run more smoothly in future.

Demand Generation

The UK manufacturing industry is one that particularly benefits from building demand. It’s competitive both domestically and internationally – and that means that with professional demand generation for UK manufacturers, there’s a huge amount of potential for Toucan’s team to tap into for you.

Event Follow-Up

Some of the most lucrative contracts come from meeting in person, but it’s important to follow up thoroughly on those opportunities after a networking event or trade fair – something Toucan can help you to do.

Lead Generation

There’s a unique sense of camaraderie among UK manufacturing firms – up, down and across supply chains, with rivals often helping each other out too. Our manufacturing lead generation strategies for UK manufacturers nurture positive relationships so that you don’t miss out when a selling opportunity comes along as a result.

Our telemarketing services for manufacturing lead generation, where we specialise in helping businesses in the industrial sector generate high-quality leads and increase their sales.
In the digital age, it is crucial for manufacturing businesses to connect with their prospects effectively. Our telemarketing strategies are designed to target the right audience and deliver personalized messages that resonate with potential customers.

With our expertise in the manufacturing industry, we understand the unique challenges and requirements that businesses face. We conduct thorough research to identify prospects who are most likely to be interested in your products, ensuring that our calls are focused and relevant.

At our telemarketing company, we prioritise quality in every interaction. Our experienced telemarketers are skilled in conveying the value and benefits of your products, creating genuine interest, and building trust with prospects. We understand that in the manufacturing industry, trust and expertise are key factors in decision-making.

By partnering with us, you can expect the best results in lead generation. Our tailored approach, combined with our deep knowledge of the industrial sector, enables us to generate qualified leads that have a higher potential for conversion. We focus on nurturing relationships with prospects, ensuring that they receive the information and support they need to make informed decisions.

Our telemarketing services are designed to generate high-quality leads for your manufacturing business. We prioritise quality, expertise, and personalised communication to increase your sales and drive business growth.

List Building

If you’d rather not target the businesses you already have a relationship with, our list building for British manufacturers helps to identify brand new prospects who can then be top of the list for upcoming B2B telemarketing campaigns.

Market Research

British manufacturers are among the most respected in the world, and companies based overseas will often see it as a badge of honour to have components and finished products made in the UK.

Toucan conduct comprehensive manufacturing market research for UK businesses to help find the best opportunities available – wherever they may be – so that you know you are not missing out on potentially lucrative deals.

Find out more about Toucan’s B2B leads manufacturing services

We are proud of the impressive results we have achieved when working on B2B telemarketing for UK manufacturing firms in recent years, and we want to share that positive performance with you.

You can find case studies and more information about some of our biggest wins for UK manufacturing telesales clients on our blog, or you can get in touch directly if you’d like to know more.

We welcome contact via our online enquiry form, which you can find on our Contact Us page. It’s a quick way to give us all the details we need to give you a quick and informed response to your query.

Alternatively, we’re always happy to talk on the phone on 01260 294444 if you’d prefer a one-to-one conversation with one of our B2B marketing executives with experience of the UK manufacturing industry.

The eventual outcome was a new customer worth around £180,000 sales per year.

Dowson Logo

During 2019 I employed Toucan Telemarketing to contact all bakeries in the UK specifically to identify which bakeries had bread slicers.

I have never employed Telemarketing before and my expectations were low.

I was very pleasantly surprised at Toucans professionalism and the number of new contacts made.

They arranged a meeting with a leading Plant Bakery who was not a current customer and the eventual outcome was a new customer worth around £180,000 sales per year.

Well done.

Robin Duckitt

Managing Director

I set them a multi-dimensional challenge in a complex pan European market and they delivered.

Scapa Logo

“I was really impressed with the team at Toucan. I set them a multi-dimensional challenge in a complex pan European market and they delivered. Their calls brought visitors to our exhibition stand and, if they didn’t, they secured leads for my new products anyway. We already have solid business from their work. North America next; good job!”

Marketing Manager

Cable Materials, Scapa UK Ltd.

We have been so impressed with their clear understanding of what needs to be achieved and also the quality of the outbound calls.

ISUZU logo

“We have been using Toucan Telemarketing for around two years now, mainly to promote our range of trucks to warm prospects. Overall Toucan is a great company to deal with, that provides a service that doesn’t include lots of tick boxes, but a clear understanding of our marketing objectives, whilst keeping the calls personal and professional. In summary, I always trust that Toucan will deliver quality results and trust them to act on behalf of our brand.”

Sarah Collyer,

Marketing Manager, Isuzu Truck (UK) Ltd.

In fact, as a result of this exercise, our business gained a new contract last year worth over £500,000.

Parker Intl. Logo

“We hired Toucan Telemarketing to undertake a project for Parker International Ltd a 3rd party warehousing business. The work was timely, well planned and very cost-effective. Well done Toucan Telemarketing!”

Parker International