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B2B Telesales & Lead Generation for UK Manufacturing Firms

B2B telemarketing isn’t just for the service industries; it can also be an excellent way to put across the unique benefits of manufactured products, too. All manufacturers are under immense pressure in the modern-day market to cut costs and improve returns – and B2B telemarketing serves those aims perfectly.

Manufacturing contributes £6.7tn to the global economy. Contrary to widespread perceptions, UK manufacturing is strong with the UK currently the world’s ninth largest industrial nation. Manufacturing makes up 10% of GVA and 45% of UK exports, and directly employs 2.7 million people.

Toucan’s marketing method has a proven track record, so you can enter into any new campaign with a high level of confidence about the results you should expect. The results can be impressive, particularly in manufacturing industries where a single order can have very high value. Take a look at some of our previous manufacturing sector projects in this sector by viewing our case studies here.

If you’re in the manufacturing sector and would like support with your telemarketing using Toucan, get in contact to find out how we can help you.