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UK B2B Telesales for Multinational and International companies

We are very proud of our telemarketing services for international companies targeting the UK, but we also appreciate that you might not feel totally certain about outsourcing B2B telesales. This is why we work hard to deliver the maximum benefit to your organisation, while avoiding the less welcome aspects of outsourcing that you might encounter elsewhere.

Our telemarketing services offer the immediacy you need to seize opportunities as they arise in your target market, which we specialise in, giving your company the edge when you’re based internationally but targeting the UK.

If you’re an international company aiming to target your services to the UK, you’re probably aware of some of the challenges that you may be coming up against. It’s likely that you may be facing a language barrier, so a script is often read from leading prospects to not feeling overly confident using your services, or you may find that calls from another country are often unanswered or taken seriously… Ultimately meaning it is difficult to collect the correct data you require to market to potential clients.

At Toucan we can help overcome a range of the challenges you may be facing as an international company. Take a look at some of our previous international company projects in this sector by viewing our case studies here.

Are you based internationally but looking to target services to the UK, using Toucan’s telemarketing services could help you. Give us a call today to find out how.