UK B2B Telesales for Multinational and International companies

International business meetingHere at Toucan, we understand that your business isn’t limited by borders and that contacting influential companies in the UK is essential to your business’s success in the international market. If you are looking to engage with UK businesses, contact us today to find out how we can help you. Our team offer a UK-based, non-scripted, personal telemarketing service that is bespoke to your company and expertly tailored to help generate high-quality leads and give you the best possible ROI.

As a UK-based telemarketing agency with over 20 years’ experience, our teams of dedicated telemarketing consultants have worked on behalf of many international companies, organising conversations and helping to establish rewarding and productive relationships with UK businesses. We are familiar with the organisation of UK businesses and are well-equipped to act as an honest bridge between your business and businesses here in the UK.

We appreciate that as a company operating outside the UK, you may be wary about outsourcing your telemarketing activities to a UK-based telemarketing company. As an agency, we are immensely proud of our telemarketing services for international companies targeting the UK and will work hard to connect your company with UK businesses. By outsourcing your telemarketing to us, you can combat the stress and challenges associated with organising an international B2B telemarketing scheme. Common challenges that international companies often face include:

Language barriers

If your staff can’t speak English, the chances of you generating fruitful leads with business decision makers here in the UK are small. Most international companies employ staff who aren’t fluent in the English language and use scripts to encourage exchanges between their marketers and international businesses. As an experienced telemarketing agency, we have found that using scripts is often very ineffective and rarely encourages productive conversations. Telemarketing scripts are stiff, generic and impersonal, and generally aren’t received well by potential customers. The staff who use the scripts often lack enough knowledge of the English language to deter from their scripts and answer unprecedented questions. For a telemarketing call to be effective, it must be personal and free-flowing; our teams of UK-based telemarketing consultants engage in free-flowing conversations to encourage natural exchanges that have the potential to generate genuine leads. We can help your company to link with UK-based businesses by encouraging natural, human conversations and fruitful business exchanges.

Financial strain

Setting up a telemarketing team can be expensive, particularly when your calls fail to generate viable leads. By outsourcing your telemarketing activities to Toucan, you can save time that you have been spent recruiting staff and writing scripts and rest safe in the knowledge that your telemarketing needs are being met by a highly skilled team of experienced, UK-based telemarketing consultants.

If you are an international company looking to target services in the UK, contact us today to found out how our team can help you link with businesses here in the UK.

At Toucan we can help overcome a range of the challenges you may be facing as an international company. Take a look at some of our previous international company projects in this sector by viewing our case studies here.

Are you based internationally but looking to target services to the UK, using Toucan’s telemarketing services could help you. Give us a call today to find out how.