Database Enrichment for UK Businesses

Toucan’s database enrichment service is not a typical “selling service” … Database enrichment involves Toucan getting in touch with your prospect base and asking specific questions previously agreed with you, such as “who is your existing supplier?” as well as adding further beneficial information to ultimately support the sales team and identify who is ‘sale ready’.

Data enrichment can help you:

  •         Fill the holes in your data for a full understanding of prospects
  •         Save money on ineffective campaigns
  •         Save money by sending the right messages to the right people
  •         Get the results your business needs with targeted campaigns
  •         Find the best new prospects and increase return of investment

A data enrichment is critical for compliance with the Data Protection Act, and the service benefits customers who have a significant amount of data to get through, potentially due to such a large build up over the years of being in operation. It also contributes to making data a valuable asset for almost any modern business, which in turn can help save time and avoid making contact with someone who may not be in a position to buy just yet.

Further Benefits of Data Enrichment

Not only does data enrichment ensure that you have the most up to date pieces of information in your contact list, but also ensures that irrelevant records are removed. By ensuring irrelevant contact details are removed, this can significantly reduce the time and cost associated in future marketing efforts, for example, you can reduce the cost of sending out an email campaign. It also means that your sales team are given clean data to be able to fulfil their targets without the headache of calling irrelevant companies that are uninterested. For example, one customer reduced their prospect database by 40% and as a result of this, they identified that they were marketing to the wrong company size… Meaning that their marketing was realigned, and their success was far more fruitful.

The success of this service can be easily measured by the number of records that we can fulfil in full, or update part, this includes the removal of out of date records.

If you’re interested in using Toucan’s database enrichment service, get in touch.

Two years ago Fox Graphics invested in a campaign with Toucan Telemarketing. From that we secured 2 good clients/commissions, since then both have evolved into 2 further companies, one being a multi national company, where the Vice Chairman signs off our work. For any company – telemarketing can get you in front of the right people, where you never know where it might lead. I can highly recommend the teams professionalism – give it a go, who knows where it will take your company.

Fox Graphics.