How we Generate New B2B Leads

Generating good business leads depends on a variety of factors – some of which are universal, while others are unique to your company.

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In general, a Toucan Telemarketing B2B telesales campaign (or any of our other services, from list building and database enrichment, right through to appointment setting) can combine any of the following influences:

  • Your existing contact list or client database.
  • Our databases for particular industries and areas.
  • Market research to identify new opportunities in your sector.
  • A deep understanding of your aims in business and future plans.
  • USPs of your goods and services, if applicable.

From these and working closely with your company and in-house sales teams, we craft a completely bespoke B2B telemarketing campaign that is targeted at generating high-quality leads and driving positive ROI.

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What does a B2B telesales campaign look like?

Campaigns can be long or short; they may involve large numbers of calls or a more targeted and clinical approach if you operate in a niche market or with a very specific geographic remit.

Importantly, we always aim to drive the most positive and profitable results possible for you, while aligning closely with your business objectives and leave non-converting prospects with positive brand perception too.

We can work with any existing goals you have set, and incorporate data from previous campaigns. Or we can build a B2B telemarketing campaign from scratch, based on our own relevant industry databases of prospects if you have no marketing list of your own as yet.

Unlike some B2B marketing agencies, we don’t set the campaign in stone. We believe the best results derive from a more flexible and adaptable approach, allowing us to focus on the methods that maximise the ROI on your campaign.

And if you’re willing, we will aim to establish a close long-term working relationship with your company and in-house staff, so that Toucan Telemarketing’s outsourced B2B telesales campaigns feel like an extension of your own in-house activities, and not like an external third-party service.

More about our services

We go beyond just making sales calls, to deliver a fully joined-up B2B telemarketing service. You don’t need a pre-existing customer database or contact list; we can work from scratch and deliver complete results to you.

Some of the services that go into this include:

As we deliver qualified leads, build brand recognition and demand, and supply you with marketing prospect lists and enriched contact databases, you receive everything you need not only to return the maximum possible ROI on the current campaign but to create a platform for future marketing activities too.

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Appointment Setting

Appointment setting supports you by; sourcing quality data, qualifying leads, booking sales appointments and confirming the day before the appointment. Our appointment setting service is flexible, we can arrange appointments in the following ways:

Why Choose Toucan?

There is a long list of reasons but here is five of the best:

No contracts

If you’re not satisfied with a campaign, we can end it without future obligation.

Open and honest

We will discuss ideas openly with you to find out what we both think works best.

Peace of mind

We only work on projects where we know we can deliver high-value results.

Guaranteed quality

We deliver only the most relevant, lucrative qualified leads and appointments.

Pre-agreed targets

You have a say on the targets we set, and we measure our success against them.

All of this means our appointment setting is not just about numbers of in-person meetings with qualified prospects but is also about how those generated leads stack up against the targets agreed in advance and in agreement with you.

We can set a specific Return On Investment performance level and ensure your campaign meets and exceeds this level – just look at our past case studies for proof of how we have achieved this time and time again across all sectors.

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And if that’s not enough…

Here are five more compelling reasons to choose Toucan for your next B2B telemarketing campaign:

Constant monitoring

We collect feedback about the leads and appointments we generate for you, so we can take this into account when adjusting how we conduct your campaign.

Exchange of information

We don’t silo the information about your campaign, but hand it over to you in case it can be useful for your future B2B telesales and other marketing activities.

Multiple targets

Ranging from activity and call volume to leads/appointments generated and ROI, we can set targets at every stage of your campaign, not just on the final output side.

More than numbers

We represent your organisation professionally at all times and nurture prospects for follow-up contact in the future, delivering positive brand perception on top of financial ROI.

Pride in performance

We always aim not just to meet targets, but to exceed them, delivering not just more than we promise, but more than the industry averages and more than our best competitors.

Toucan Telemarketing is proud to be ‘real people’ with experience and expertise we can pour into your campaign, compassion and patience when dealing with prospects and even a sense of humour when it’s appropriate for your campaign.

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