Telemarketing and Appointment Setting for Accountants

accountants using a calculatorToucan Telemarketing’s B2B telesales team has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with accountancy practices all over the UK. As with all of our telemarketing clients, we develop bespoke B2B telesales campaigns for accountants that align with your overall goals for your practice.

We work closely with you to identify targets and to develop a B2B telemarketing list based on your existing client base, the best prospects in your local area, or other criteria that give you the best possible rate of lead generation and appointment setting.

Toucan’s B2B telemarketing experts can help you to meet and exceed your targets in any of the following areas:

B2B Appointment Setting

As a busy business professional, you need a pipeline of meetings with prospects who have already been converted into qualified leads – essentially, you want to know that when you walk into the meeting, the prospect is ready to seal the deal.

We have plenty of experience carrying out B2B telesales for accountants, and this means that all of Toucan’s team members are adept at knowing when a prospect is ready to take forward to the appointment setting stage, to give you the best opportunities to close the deal in person.

B2B Telesales Service

Accountancy is one of the great traditional business professions, and one that is essential to anyone who runs a business of their own, so it’s important to capitalise on the huge potential offered by outbound B2B telesales campaigns in this sector.

Our team will always represent you professionally and effectively, building and nurturing relationships with existing or prospective clients to carefully bring them forward to a stage where they are ready to pay you for relevant accountancy services.

Customer Surveys

It’s easy to overlook the potential of customer surveys for accountants, but they can be instrumental in ensuring client retention for the new financial year, or identifying areas where you could expand your service offering to maximise your profits.

Accountancy customer surveys can also provide more general information, for example to help you identify how your brand is perceived in your local area and how you could appeal to a wider variety of B2B prospects.

Database Enrichment

You don’t have to limit yourself to upselling to existing accountancy clients. Database enrichment is about filling in any gaps in your data, including about businesses who are not yet customers of yours.

By learning more about those businesses’ current accountancy provisions, we are able to identify the ways in which you can serve their needs better than their existing accountant, giving you the competitive edge.

Demand Generation

We don’t just generate leads – we generate demand. This goes far beyond just converting prospects who are already interested in obtaining accountancy services.

Demand generation is about reaching out via outbound B2B telesales to prospective customers in your target area or demographic, and making them more aware of exactly what you offer and why it would be in their best interests to work with you.

Event Follow-Up

Have you attended an industry event, conference or convention, or even hosted an event of your own for business networking and prospective clients?

We can help you to capitalise on the opportunities generated on the day by carrying out accountancy event follow-up campaigns so that you do not lose touch with those prospects whose contact details you were able to collect.

Lead Generation

For many of our clients in accountancy and other professions, lead generation is the desired outcome of our telemarketing campaigns, giving you qualified prospects for your own in-house marketers or account managers to approach.

We can work to provide you with a steady pipeline of prospects in this way, so that you are never swamped with low-quality leads, but have the right level of top-quality opportunities supported by appointment setting and ongoing demand generation.

List Building Service

Similar to our database enrichment service, list building allows our accountancy clients to benefit from a more complete list of good-quality prospects to target with future telemarketing campaigns.

We can also work with existing marketing lists and will verify the integrity of that data to ensure any future telesales calls are placed to the intended target.

Market Research

Toucan’s team are adept at planning, executing and reporting back on market research campaigns, and this can identify new opportunities and ways to upsell your existing offering to B2B accountancy clients.

As always, we carry out research in alignment with your business goals, and all campaigns are planned from the very beginning to give you bespoke insight into your local market, customer base and main rivals.

Find out more about Toucan’s work with accountants

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