Demand Generation Telesales Campaigns

We’re often asked what the difference is between demand generation and lead generation and although we admit it’s easy for the lines to become blurred, we have a simple answer.

Demand generation telesales tends to sit outside of a full-blown telephone-based business acquisition campaign, where the key metric is ‘number of leads’

It’s far more integrated with all the other printed and digital marketing going on across the business, and acts as the human interface for lots of prospect data gathered through multiple channels either inbound or outbound.

Those channels might include;

  •         Inbound website marketing
  •         Content marketing
  •         Event marketing
  •         Social media
  •         Digital paid advertising
  •         Print advertising
  •         Marketing automation and sales funnels
  •         General enquiries from sales and marketing

 Telesales Integration of Demand Generation.

The role of our demand generation team in all of this is to support your broader marketing landscape by acting as the personal touch and facilitating that all-important human verification of;

  •         Lead scoring
  •         Program measurement and optimization
  •         Effectiveness of any marketing
  •         Establishing where the prospect is in terms of the interest/buying cycle
  •         General interest in the product or service
  •         Current purchasing habits such as competitors, timescales etc
  •         Data scoring or relevance of prospect in relation to data used
  •         Prospect insights

Similarly, our demand generation team can dovetail perfectly into some of your highly other targeted marketing initiatives such as product launches and exhibitions. Helping to both stimulate interest or prompt data that has already been ‘touched’.

If the brief is to generate direct interest from a demand generation campaign, then we work closely with you to establish your target audience. We can then direct them to your other sources of data capture, such as online enquiry forms or registering for any one of your sales funnels so they are segmented into the relevant digital campaigns

In short, demand generation telesales support helps leverage the power of content to drive better results.

Verbalised Audience Insights.

Otherwise known as talking to people.

Of all the marketing channels, telesales is the most effective in actually engaging ‘live’ with the human to establish their interest level and position them accordingly in the relevant databases.

All those digital intent signals are great, but when they’re actually combined with a good old-fashioned conversation, means the audience insights you depend on, are verified in the clearest terms possible.

Also, talking to someone will genuinely establish where they are in terms of the buying cycle. So, depending on our instruction from you, we can either close the sale, secure an appointment or simply log the data in the CRM for you to analyse and schedule for further contact.

 Using Toucan as Your Telesales Demand Generation Partner

Using Toucan’s demand generation service can help create better qualified and higher quality leads from all your marketing initiates. Of course, we can also stand alone as an isolated service to support your telephone lead generation campaigns.

Whatever your objectives, our service is proven to increase sales, lower the cost per lead and decrease the cost to convert them. Along with all this, Toucan also ensures you reduce the number of lost leads, guaranteeing the time and effort spent by your marketing team isn’t wasted.

And you’ll be pleased to know the ROI from demand generation telesales is easily measured through our comprehensive and insightful reporting suite.

So, in a digital world where the new buzzwords are ‘meaningful connections’, here at Toucan we believe the most expressive interaction two humans can have is actually talking to each other.

Which is perfect, because our highly skilled teams enjoy nothing more than removing the barriers between seller and prospect by just speaking with them, engaging with them and empathising with them to understand their motivations to buy.

Now that’s meaningful.

Call one of our demand generation team here at Toucan and let’s talk about where we can fit into your overall marketing strategies.