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Demand Generation Telesales Campaigns

Toucan’s demand generation is a very targeted and focused way of generating awareness of your product or service. Our experienced team use various methods, including a mixture of appointment setting services and outbound calling to generate such engagement. This is often carried out to drive awareness or interest for events such as product launches and exhibitions, however, there are many other reasons for using demand generation services.

At Toucan, we work closely with you to generate awareness of your company using demand generation. By establishing your target audience, we aim to convert your prospects within this audience into a qualified sales lead within our CRM system. At Toucan we use a range of channels to drive the demand, including content engagement and data capture. By using both inbound and outbound market strategies that align with your sales team, we also ultimately aim to increase lead response times and also ensure that the right information is provided at the optimal time for your prospect.

Using Toucan’s demand generation service can help create better qualified and quality leads for your sales team to work on, which will ultimately aim to boost your deal size, lower the cost per lead and decrease the cost to convert leads. Along with all this, Toucan also aims to ensure that you reduce the number of lost leads, to ensure that time and efforts put into these prospects are not wasted.

The ROI from demand generation is easily measured and we ensure that your reports outline the performance of the service depending on your requirements.

If you’re interested in using Toucan’s demand generation service, get in touch today.

Within the following 3 months, we invoiced our new clients 7 times our initial expenditure with Toucan. The campaign was well targeted and the quality of the leads was excellent. We would definitely use Toucan again and would recommend them to anybody.

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