UK B2B Telesales & Lead Generation for Translation Companies

translator with business teamTranslators and interpreters play a crucial role in many business deals, whether it’s allowing two stakeholders to communicate with one another, or translating materials that are intended for a consumer audience.

With Toucan’s help, you can establish a voice of your own in your industry, by reaching out to potential customers in a professional and systematic way that maximises your positive ROI on B2B telemarketing campaigns.

A detailed and accurate database of prospects, new lead generation on an ongoing basis and appointment setting so you can convert those leads into paying customers – we can provide an end-to-end service that makes sure more of your market opportunities translate into profit.

Appointment Setting for Translators / Interpreters

This is where the money is made, as you meet in person with the prospect so they can sign on the bottom line. A huge amount of work leads up to this point, as you’ll see below, and Toucan will always ensure anyone who reaches this stage is fully qualified and ready to give you their money.

B2B Telesales / Outbound Translation Sales

Reaching out to potential customers is always a good idea, and with an organised B2B telesales campaign backed by a deep understanding of your business goals, we can generate the leads that you most want to work with, while driving substantial positive ROI for your company.

Translation Agency Customer Surveys

Existing customers are often the best source of honest, independent opinions about your translation agency, the language services you provide, and any potential areas for expansion – again unlocking future ROI if you are able to cater for some of this extra demand.

Database Enrichment for Translation Agencies

Keeping on top of a B2B telesales database is challenging and time-consuming, but Toucan’s database enrichment for translation providers will systematically work through your existing contact book, remove outdated records, and fill in the blanks on those that remain, so you have the best chance of making a connection when you next reach out to those contacts as part of your B2B telesales strategy.

Translation Services Demand Generation

Some of the biggest companies in your area might simply be unaware of the benefits of translation services – such as helping them to communicate in new markets, or produce their company literature in a format suitable for non-English-speaking customers in the UK.

We can communicate those benefits to them, and encourage them to place an initial order with you, either as a trial with a view to upselling later, or directly as a full-scale business deal with long-term profits in the pipeline.

Languages and Business Event Follow-Up

Translation services is a broad sector – relevant events for you might range from linguistics conventions, to tourism events, to more general business networking conferences.

Whatever events you attend, you have the opportunity to collect contact details from interested parties, which we can then follow up with a targeted B2B telesales campaign to attempt to convert some of those expressions of interest into paying customers.

Interpreter / Translator Lead Generation

Whether you have an existing marketing list, a B2B telesales database or are starting from scratch, lead generation for interpreters and translation providers is about approaching prospective customers, identifying those with a genuine interest in your services, and nurturing that relationship until they place a profitable booking with you.

Translation Provider List Building

If you ever feel like there are opportunities out there that you have so far missed, Toucan can help. Our list building service for translation telesales campaigns identifies the prospects you might have overlooked, and this can lead to completely new business growth on your doorstep.

Market Research for Translators / Interpreters

You never know the size of your potential market until you test it, and with Toucan Telemarketing’s market research for interpreters and translation providers, you can put a number on exactly how much potential is out there.

Find out more about Toucan’s work with Translation Providers

Just call or fill in our online contact form if you want to know more about what our work on B2B telemarketing campaigns for translation providers and interpreters could do for your bottom line.

Our blog is a great place to start if you’d like more general information about our recent campaigns, including case studies relevant to your industry.

But if you have questions, we’d love to answer them – you can call us on 01260 294444 or fill in the form on our Contact Us page, and a Toucan Telemarketing team member will be happy to help.

We’ve already seen great order volumes and expect them potentially to spend £1.5m with us over the next 18 months.

Janus logo

“We have worked with Toucan now for over 2 years. Our team have generated regular appointments and quotes over this period and helped Janus to make a real impact in the Uk market.

We have recently acquired a leading provider of IT products and services for the global marketplace We have already seen great order volumes and expect them potentially to spend 1.5 million pounds with us over the next 18 months.”

Steve Higgins,

Sales Director Europe, Janus Worldwide

They have produced leads that have directly led to revenue and we have grown our prospect pipeline too.

Capita logo

“Capita Translation and Interpreting has been working with Toucan for 9 months and in that time Paula and her team have become a valued partner to our company. The work they have done has produced leads that have directly led to revenue, and we have grown our prospect pipeline too – which is no easy task in our field.”