B2B Telemarketing for the Telecoms Industry

telecoms engineerAt Toucan, we have been providing B2B telemarketing services for Telecoms companies for many years.

The telecoms sector continues to be a critical force for growth across many industries, but the telecoms industry itself is challenging, with increased traffic not necessarily translating into increased profits for telecoms companies. If you are looking to help your telecoms company succeed in a difficult and convoluted market, call Toucan today to find out how we can help you.

Our in-depth knowledge of the telecoms sector allows us to formulate B2B telemarketing services that are guaranteed to benefit your company. Our non-scripted approach to verbal telemarketing interactions allows our highly experienced consultants to incite natural, free-flowing interactions and encourage rewarding business relationships.

As a well-established telemarketing company in the UK with more than twenty years’ experience on behalf of many clients from various industries and backgrounds, we know what it takes to build a successful outbound telesales campaign, generate viable links, build and nurture rewarding business relationships and ultimately improve your company’s overall sales. We understand every business is unique, regardless of its industry, and will work with you to identify your company’s individual needs and create a telemarketing strategy that benefits you.

If you haven’t previously outsourced your telemarketing activities to a telemarketing agency, you may be feeling a little nervous about taking the plunge and transferring your telemarketing responsibilities to someone else. Even companies that have had their activities handled by outside agencies struggle to engage the help of new telemarketing consultants, often because their activities were handled poorly by previous agencies. At Toucan, we take your company’s success seriously and will do everything we can to help your company succeed in the Telecoms industry. We appreciate exactly how businesses should be approached and have successfully nurtured fruitful business relationships with many clients. We don’t offer our clients contracts, giving you the freedom to decide whether our tactics are helping your company succeed. We are proud of approach to telemarketing and will work closely with your sales teams and staff to provide a custom service that benefits your company and gives you the best possible ROI.

Some of the ways we can help you with your B2B telemarketing strategies include:

Generating Leads

Lead generation is key to creating fruitful business relationships with potential customers. We understand that only high-quality links have a good chance of translating into actual sales and will only invest our time in pursuing links that we are confident will convert.

Market Research

The telecoms market is highly competitive, with many companies striving for success. To help you give your telecoms company an edge when it comes to pulling in customers, we can conduct market research on your behalf to find out exactly how your company is perceived by the public and how well you fare when set against your closest competitors. Market research can help you to improve your image and your brand and can give you the information you need to get a definite edge over other competitors.

Setting Appointments

We can help you to set appointments with customers if you don’t have the time or capacity to chase business decision makers down yourself. Finding the time to chase business decision makers is often impossible for busy businesses and sales often need to persevere consistently when trying to pin people down. We can take the strain out of setting appointments by doing it for you, chasing business leaders on your behalf. Our highly experienced telemarketing consultants have the skills necessary to by-step gatekeepers and speak with senior business makers.

If you are looking to help your telemarketing company succeed with a well-thought-out and perfectly orchestrated B2B telemarketing scheme, contact Toucan today to find out how we can help. For more information about our previous telemarketing projects with Telecoms businesses, view our case studies here.

Take a look at some of our previous telemarketing projects in the telecoms industry by viewing our case studies here.

Call Toucan Telemarketing today for more information about how telemarketing services can help your business.