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When is the Best Time to Pick the Phone Up to Clients?

A hand holds an office phone while dialling a number

Salespeople are too often lulled in to thinking it’s ok not to pick the phone up. Client business More »

Manufacturers: What’s Your Outbound Strategy for Sales Growth?

A woman speaks on the phone while analysing data.

Paula Bates, Managing Director of Toucan Telemarketing has managed outbound telemarketing campaigns for hundreds of manufacturing businesses over the More »

Are Your Lapsed and Lost Clients an Untapped Goldmine?

Smiling woman talks on the phone and takes notes

Clients come and clients go in any business. Most companies have a raft of contacts who used to More »

Rapport: What Role Does It Play in Customer Stickiness?

telesales professional taking a call

S/he who chases wins.  It’s a sales cliché that’s become hackneyed because it’s true. But it goes unheeded More »

Why Pay for Outsourced Telemarketing Instead of Doing It In-House?

telemarketing team working together

When businesses think about outsourcing telemarketing, they usually think about the blanket benefits of outsourcing in any field. More »

What are the Biggest Risks You Might Not be Aware of When You’re Choosing a Telemarketing Partner?

telesales professional on a call

Choosing the right outsourced telemarketing partner is a business-critical decision. The horror stories circulating about incompetence, hardball tactics, More »

How Can Open Questions Prevent Your Prospects Closing You Down?

Fact: People say no and very rarely say yes when they’re faced with a closed question, particularly in More »

Turning up the temperature on telemarketing

office telemarketing call

When you think of telemarketing, it’s all too easy to think of large call centres filled with people More »

Toucan Telemarketing: 20 Years in the Business

office birthday party

As any successful entrepreneur will know, starting a business is no easy feat, but for a company to More »