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IT technician checking serverAre you looking to boost your IT company’s presence in the business market?

We can help.

Toucan is a well-established UK telemarketing company with more than twenty years’ experience. We have worked on behalf of many IT businesses, generating high-quality leads and encouraging positive business relationships. Our dedicated team of telemarketing consultants have the skills and talents needed to generate viable leads and nurture rewarding business relationships on your company’s behalf.

As a successful telemarketing agency, we care deeply about our clients. Unlike other telemarketing agencies, our experienced telemarketing consultants have in-depth knowledge about the IT sector, allowing them to engage in technically charged conversations with senior decision makers from a variety of well-known companies in the IT world. We understand that poor quality leads are a huge waste of vital research and, as such, will only pursue leads that have a high chance of converting into actual sales. We will work with you to create a tailor-made B2B telemarketing campaign that will fulfil your company’s requirements and help you to boost sales.

We can provide a number of essential telemarketing services, allowing you to invest more time into furthering your business.

Services we provide

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Engaging with companies on your behalf in non-scripted and free-flowing exchanges between our telemarketing consultants and businesses. Excellent communication skills are an absolute must-have when it comes to interacting successfully with businesses and generating viable leads, and all our staff have been trained to engage in natural, free-flowing conversations with businesses. In a world where many exchanges are handled digitally, our non-scripted and personal verbal approach to telemarketing is a breath of fresh air, allowing our clients to build intelligent, human and personal connections with business in the UK’s IT industry. By creating personal connections with businesses, we can start to build fruitful business relationships between your company and other businesses.
  • Generating high-quality sales leads that will allow your business to link-up with potential customers.
  • Assessing leads to identify those that have a high chance of converting. Finding new and generating potential leads for sales teams to follow is essential to starting new and rewarding business relationships and our telemarketing consultants use their communication skills to engage with businesses and generate viable leads. We won’t waste your money or our time by going after leads that are unlikely to convert into actual sales.
  • Setting appointments by consistently contacting high-level decision makers within the IT industry on your behalf. Setting face-to-face appointments are key to your business’s success, but pinning down senior decision makers can be difficult, often taking time and immense perseverance. For many businesses, finding the time to chase down potential business leads and set-up appointments is virtually impossible, and chances to engage in business exchanges are therefore needlessly lost. Our highly skilled and expertly trained telemarketing consultants have the stamina and persuasiveness required to side-step gatekeepers and chase businesses down for concrete appointment dates. Unlike digital communication, consistent attempts to engage personally with business decision makers cannot be easily ignored, and persistence is often rewarded.

If you are an IT company looking to promote your B2B interactions, our telemarketing teams can help you to contact influential businesses in the IT sector. We will use our communication skills, knowledge and experience to represent your company and engage in business interactions on your behalf, saving you from the stress and cost of setting up your own telemarketing team and chasing low-quality leads. By outsourcing your telemarketing services to Toucan, you will have access to an expert team of experienced and highly skilled telemarketers with an impressive amount of knowledge about the IT sector. Our team will work closely with you and your sales team to identify your goals and targets and build a successfully telemarketing service that fits the unique requirements of your IT business.

At Toucan, we have previously delivered a range of high quality, actionable leads, take a look at some of our previous telemarketing projects in the IT industry by viewing our case studies here.

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