Why telemarketing is not always about sales

As Britain’s workforce continues to transition back into the ‘new normal’, things have changed for Toucan Telemarketing. The appointment-setting experts, based in Congleton, have weathered the storm of the pandemic and are looking forward to the future.

“We turned 19 recently and have lots to look forward to,” says founder Paula Bates. “Things are picking up and a lot of clients are coming back in.”

So, what is the secret to staying afloat during COVID-19? As Paula says, it’s about being flexible.

“In many ways it’s much better to be a smaller company as you can absorb impact better,” says Paula. “Some larger companies are having trouble adjusting and as a result, have borne the brunt of the pandemic.”

Changing tactics

Whereas before, Paula notes, many sales teams would use a traditional “door-knocking” approach, now we do not have that option. Instead, Paula has encouraged her clients to make calls that are not always connected to sales.

“It’s not always about selling to prospects. Sometimes, it’s just about checking that the information you have on them is correct.

“Likewise, we need to clean our data regularly, categorising contacts into existing, lapsed and new customers. There might be a new product or service that they’re not aware of, for example.”

Finding the balance

Only by having a genuine, human conversation with people can telemarketers truly succeed, warns Paula. She extols the virtues of using account managers, giving clients that personal connection and building up relationships.

But crucially, it’s also about finding balance. “The first port of call might be to check in on a contact and see how business is doing, but there’s no shame in letting them know that you are open for business. You don’t need to hide behind that. There are still companies looking to buy.”

So, what approach would Toucan Telemarketing take as Britain continues to adjust?

  • Be adaptable and embrace technologies rather than relying on traditional tactics
  • Be empathetic and establish a genuine personal connection
  • Focus not just on sales but cleaning your data
  • Don’t be ashamed to remind people of what’s on offer.

“The simple fact is that the world is going to be like this for months. We have to find a way to interact with people safely and legally – ultimately, you’ve got to find a method that works for you.”

For more information on appointment-setting for sales teams, contact Toucan Telemarketing.