“There are still people out there who are buying” – Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing

As lockdown restrictions continue to fluctuate, it’s only natural to feel despondent about the future. For Paula Bates, whose appointment-setting business has had to adapt, it’s crucial to stay positive.

Toucan Telemarketing, who provide outsourced appointment-setting support to sales teams, are focusing on the next steps. Managing Director Paula says: “People were going quiet at the beginning of the pandemic but we’re bouncing back and things are returning to normal.

“In 19 years, we’ve never had to make a redundancy. I put that down to remaining a smaller company, helping our clients establish genuine connections with their prospects.”

Selling sensitively

So, should we change our approach in light of the pandemic? Paula says that we can still sell and be empathetic. “You’re always going to have to tiptoe around some issues. I have heard of people making 1,000 redundancies at a time, so they’re not always focused on sales.

“Nevertheless, you still have something to offer and can engage with people in a different way. In other contexts, it’s not always about the sale. We can call prospects up just to check in on them, and let them know we are there to offer support.”

Making hay while the sun shines

Paula adds that there is no shame in selling during a pandemic, nor is there in celebrating your successes. Just recently, Toucan Telemarketing turned 19 years old, and there was no shortage of celebrations.

“I don’t think you have to hide behind anything. It’s all about finding the balance between staying in touch and reminding people that you are open for business.”

Paula cites examples of all the industries that have had to carry on throughout the pandemic, including education and healthcare. “The government is still funding these industries so we shouldn’t give up. We may have to adapt our services, but what’s important is to remember that there are still plenty of people buying.”

While the government is making no restrictions on businesses working with one another, Paula looks forward to making hay while the sun shines. She wouldn’t be able to do this without a mature, expert team on board, of whom she’s immensely proud.

“It’s not just about business adaptation, but having a positive team in place. We have a highly experienced team for are ready for anything.”

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