Appointment Setting in the Financial Services Industry


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• Birmingham
• Manchester
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Services provided by Toucan

Appointment Setting


The firm was looking to grow in size and had set a target of acquiring 50 new customers or adding the management of £10 million of investment or pension to their portfolio. This nationwide firm with a team of 10 advisors was looking for a regular stream of appointments over a 12 month period.


To diary manage and book qualified appointments that fitted a prepared criteria. To liaise with the field sales team and Admin team to ensure deliverables were met and run smoothly

How we did it

We purchased a set of data based on geography and assets within the business as well as age of the directors and then our dedicated team called on average 100 companies a day and offered a clear wealth management plan meeting to discuss their future retirement plans. The team called the companies for 15 days a month and produced on average 12 appointments a month that was serviced by 2 Wealth Managers. The team manager ensured performance levels were met and the team really understood the client’s requirements. The same team and people remained on the project for the whole term.

Outcome and deliverables

Cost of campaign £45k
Number of appointments generated 180