Exit Interview Services in the House Building Industry


New build developments in

  • London

Marketing Agency offices in

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Leicester

Services provided by Toucan

Exit interview


To contact house buyers who have expressed interest or visited a particular development in London. The client provided on a quarterly basis data including mobile numbers of the prospective buyers.

Toucan has been tasked with establishing if they are still looking at buying and inviting the prospects to attend an open day. Visit the showroom or meet with one of their financial advisors

How we did it

We contacted all data provided and if we didn’t get to speak with them directly we left a message to call us back. We had a 35% contact rate on calls and prospects calling us back directly. Generating in total 221 still interested house buyers.

Outcome and deliverables

Cost of campaign £24k

Number of interested buyers confirmed 221

Average Sale Price £750,000