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B2B Lead Generation Services

A B2B Lead Generation Service helps businesses maintain a full pipeline of prospects.  By outsourcing the time-consuming process of generating new sales leads, you’ll be able to focus more on developing quality products and services, providing excellent customer service and handling the day to day running of your business.

Our skilled sales people take high quality data lists and combine them with experience and passion, to establish relationships with suitable prospects on your behalf.  The aim is to generate enough interest in what you are offering for them to want to setup a meeting.

With a dedicated sales team and access to quality data, we are able to optimise our prospecting activities and achieve a higher success rate than companies attempting to handle it alone.

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B2B decisions take time.  Research shows that it takes 5-8 touches to make a sale and it takes careful, strategic persistence to get there.

Toucan contact targeted businesses within specific industries, to find out more about their needs both now and for the future, taking the stress away from your sales team who can now focus on closing.

Your Dedicated Lead Generation Team

When it comes to success in business, there’s an old saying that rings true…‘the magic is…there is no magic’.

Successful businesses simply do more of what works than unsuccessful ones and that includes the most basic of all sales acquisition activities…lead generation.

They pay huge attention to this area of their business because they know one thing is certain – filling the very top of the sales funnel with quality prospects is the absolute lifeblood of any company. They also know, it happens to be the part that most salespeople hate the most. Which has a crushing effect on the bottom line.

And who can blame them? Doing the footslogging is tough, it’s a long and thankless task which needs consistency and dedication. It’s also fair to say your highly paid sales professionals are probably experts at sitting in front of new prospects extolling the virtues of your business. Ultimately bringing them onboard as a new client.

So, do they dig-in and make 100 sales calls a day anyway to set up appointments for themselves? Nope. They do a few and get a coffee, then another coffee, then lunch. Which means having them sat in the office hammering the phones is a poor allocation of their time and not an effective use of the ever-dwindling marketing budget.

Once again, high-performing businesses know this and so that’s where they think their salesforce should spend their time. In front of prospects, and we happen to agree.

One man one job.

It’s a perfect partnership, we provide you with lots of quality leads (because it’s all we do, and we’re fantastic at it) and your sales force is happy because they don’t have to wear out their shoe leather pounding the pavements. They can roll up at a client’s door, fully refreshed from the air-con in their company car and do what they do best. Sell.

If you’re interested in Toucan’s lead generation service, get in touch today.

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New Data for Sales Campaigns

Knowledge is power.

Most companies build data over many years and can find it hard to keep it up to date. Consequently, it languishes inside the CRM (or that enormous spreadsheet in your shared files) and offers incorrect or unreliable information. When your highly paid salespeople use this, it wastes even more of your precious marketing budget.

As part of Toucan’s lead generation service, when we call new prospects or any active contacts you have already, we will ensure that all data is up to date and fill in any blanks as required. So, your top sales team are now acting on real-time leads and sitting in front of current prospects, who are in the buying cycle.

Also, the success of lead generation services can be measured from the moment your campaigns go live, meaning companies often find real sales opportunities very quickly, whilst removing any data that is no longer relevant. We call this part ‘database enrichment’ and it means if they are not buying now, they’re a serious prospect and they’re in your system.

One more thing about all those successful businesses we talked about earlier, they know that the costs of appointing a high-performing lead generation team to provide quality leads by doing the consistent pavement-pounding, are far outweighed by the provable return on investment.

Now that’s a great way to allocate the marketing budget.

If you’re interested in finding out exactly how our team can help you increase your sales, get in touch today and let’s have a chat about your perfect prospects.

Call our friendly team now on 01260 294444 or fill in the online enquiry form.

“Capita Translation and Interpreting have been working with Toucan for 9 months and in that time Paula and her team have become a valued partner to our company.

The work they have done has produced leads that have directly led to revenue, and we have grown our prospect pipeline too – which is no easy task in our field.”

Capita TI


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