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B2B Outbound Telesales

Toucan’s B2B Telesales services is the process of making outbound calls on a client’s behalf in order to meet requirements, this can include anything from following up on brochures, events, catalogues and emails and much more. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients to ensure we take the right approach needed.

Toucan’s telesales service also includes ensuring that whilst establishing new contacts, any current company contact details are correct and as well as being prompted to make new orders or future orders. Updates to data fields that you as a client will need for future marketing avenues are also invaluable, so we ensure this is made accessible to you.

By having Toucan carry out B2B telesales calling services, we have found that a far better ROI can be achieved than other methods such as mailing alone. For example, for one previous client, mailed out 9000 brochures and only had 2 calls to make an order, but when Toucan started their telesales activity, sales increased significantly… Toucan called the top 2000 and achieved 50 companies that were interested in placing an order with the client or having further information. Proving the worth and ROI telesales can have on your performance.

Toucan take pressure away from internal sales teams, as they take the hard part out of the project which is trying to get staff to cold call. Toucan also have a bespoke software which can set appointments/ meeting and also measure calls so no opportunity is missed.

ROI is easily established with telesales as Toucan can gauge the level of interest immediately, which can be monitored and measured against real time sales. We can ensure that reports are tailored to your requirements and goals as a business, to ensure you know exactly where sales are coming from.

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Since July 2010 Toucan has been working on average at least one day per week to generate 298 appointments with SMEs for a 2 to 4 hour business review. These reviews have enabled the Sustainable Business team to identify £3,257,592 of potential savings towards an overall target of £6million. It’s so refreshing working with a company who can deliver the right results time and time again.

Vicky Greenhalgh, Director of PEM Ltd