B2B Customer Survey Call Centre Service

Find out what your customers really think of you by letting Toucan plan and implement a comprehensive customer survey on your behalf.

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Customer surveys is your chance to ask your customers, “How are you?” and to demonstrate that you are interested in hearing their opinions. This alone can help to make existing customers feel valued, to pick up on any concerns that might otherwise prevent them from placing a repeat order or to drum up positive word of mouth.

Of course, you don’t have to use the survey as an excuse to try and sell to your existing customers – there are plenty of other profitable ways to use the information you gather. You can easily incorporate customer surveys into your other marketing activities or alongside other Toucan services. For example, by identifying the findings of your survey, you can establish any changes to your company processes that may be required, which will ultimately allow you to progress as a company as customers will feel valued and as though they are being listened to.

The success of using our customer survey service can be measured on the number of responses and detailed answers, that can then allow us to establish common themes in a report aligned with your requirements.

Like all B2B telemarketing, it begins with letting us plan your customer survey, and briefing our B2B telesales team on what you are hoping to find out… So, get in touch today to discuss your next customer survey project.

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