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At Toucan, we have a dedicated team who specialise in growing your contact list, providing access to a wider audience who are genuinely interested in your service.

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If you’re wanting to gain access to more people in your sales and marketing activity, having the right contacts could help you significantly. List building is often a great option for clients who already have an established customer profile, as we can further build this list around the clients you know further, and not waste time on those who are irrelevant.

At Toucan, we offer a range of list building services to meet your requirements with the aim to lead to more sales and improved customer relationships, depending on your industry. We carry out a range of techniques to improve contact lists, including:

  • Analysing your current list that features your best customers, and carrying out predictive modelling based on this research
  • Market penetration research
  • Sourcing new contacts by aggregating databases, web crawling and phone research
  • Targeting certain profiles
  • Amending and verifying demographic data, including phone numbers, addresses etc.
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Effective B2B prospecting brings numerous advantages to businesses. By engaging in targeted outreach and building a high-quality contact list, you can tap into a wealth of opportunities. This enables you to identify and connect with potential clients who are actively seeking the products or services you offer.

It allows you to foster meaningful relationships with decision-makers, leading to increased sales and long-term partnerships. Moreover, through B2B prospecting, you gain valuable market insights and stay ahead of industry trends, positioning your business for strategic growth and competitive advantage.

By using Toucan’s list building and B2B prospecting service, your sales team can spend less time building the required contact base, to allow your company to put efforts into spending more time selling.

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