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Whether you hope to find out more about how your own brand is perceived within your industry, check on competitors’ performance, or identify new opportunities for expansion and growth, Toucan can carry out market research in the form of questionnaires on your behalf.

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At Toucan Telemarketing, we can plan and execute a comprehensive market research campaign no matter what your starting point might be. For example, you might be interested in identifying the opinions of your own customer base – and our customer surveys are an excellent way to do that, either from your entire customer database, or by targeting a particular subsection of it in order to find helpful information for either future marketing activity or to benefit your sales team.

Alternatively, you might want to reach out to organisations in a particular industry, sector or niche, and Toucan’s wealth of experience and carefully constructed and curated B2B telemarketing lists can again provide the ideal starting point.

Or, if you want to approach an audience that has not previously been targeted before, we can build a new marketing list for you from scratch, before making calls with individuals or organisations to carry out the research.

Telemarketing Market Research

All of our B2B telemarketing services provide comprehensive feedback on performance, so you can rest assured that the results of your market research will be compiled into a format that is easy to digest, understand – and importantly, easy to act upon too.As always, we work to ensure you receive practical feedback that will allow you to take quick and profitable decisions, and derive maximum return on the investment you make into your market research campaign, with the minimum of delay.

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