Appointment Setting for the Digital Marketing Industry


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Appointment Setting


Marketing Company wanting to establish contact with decision makers in the travel industry. The business has some good customers already and had some great case studies they wanted to get out there into the marketplace.


To book appointments for 2 BDM’s managing their diaries effectively and ensuring all appointments are qualified to pre-agreed criteria.

The company wanted to engage with a specific sector as their ROI had been proven and they had a great story to tell.

Feeding back information accurately and in a timely fashion to help create as many quotable opportunities as a team that we could.

How we did it

We assigned two internal sales agents to look after the client and feedback on a weekly basis with full reporting, a team telephone discussion and update.

On average calling 300 prospective businesses per week, we generated an average of 2 appointments a week with a further pipeline of 2.

The team understood the SEO and PPC proposal for the prospect and communicated this to ensure that the appointments were qualified and met the client’s expectations.

Outcome and deliverables

Cost of campaign 7.5k

Timescale 12 weeks

Number of hours 180 hours

Number of appointments generated 20

One Appointment ordered £30k in the first 12 weeks of the project.