Overcharge Pay Back to Utility Customers


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Services provided by Toucan

Appointment Setting


Energy Company wanting to establish contact with SME decision makers in charge of their energy bills and consumption with a spend of over £30k a year.


To book appointments for 2 BDM’s managing their diaries effectively and ensuring all appointments are qualified to pre-agreed criteria. Making sure the Decision maker was present too and they had their bills available for auditing.

Feeding back information accurately and in a timely fashion to help create as many quotable opportunities as a team that we could.

How we did it

We assigned three internal sales agents to look after the client and feedback on a weekly basis with full reporting and a team telephone discussion and update.

We also had a monthly on-site visit to assess and refine our proposition.

On average calling 350 prospective businesses per week, we generated on average 5 appointments a week with a further pipeline of an average 5.

The team understood the Energy sector and its challenges and can communicate this to the prospects.

Outcome and deliverables

  • Cost of campaign £4.5 a month
  • Timescale Monthly
  • Number of hours 140 hours a month
  • Average Number of appointments generated a month 20
  • We have been working with this client for 18 months