How do we generate leads for your engineering business?

Lead generation for engineering firms is one of the primary intended outcomes of many of our B2B telemarketing campaigns in the engineering sector.

A good telesales agency like the Toucan Telemarketing team makes lead generation a priority. We have a depth of experience and market knowledge in telemarketing for the engineering sector. This provides your internal sales team with a continual funnel of qualified engineering leads they can contact to close the deal.

If you’ve never worked with an outsourced B2B telemarketing firm before, it can seem like witchcraft, but there is science behind b2b lead generation and how we do it.

Before we begin

First of all, it’s important to know who to target with engineering B2B telemarketing campaigns in order to source the best business opportunities. A good list of initial prospects from the right engineering companies raises the likelihood of qualifying leads and converting them into sales.

This initial legwork is what lays the foundation for a higher success rate later on. So we start by compiling a list of likely prospects from your local geographical area, supply chain or niche within the wider engineering sector.

Alternatively, if you already have a marketing database, we can conduct data cleansing, to verify that those contact details are correct and still relevant, and remove any entries that no longer offer value.

How we proceed

From there, it’s a case of calling prospects and their relevant decision-maker, explaining your offering to them. But a successful B2B marketing campaign is not just a sales pitch – it’s about establishing rapport and nurturing leads over a period of time.

That can mean arranging future callbacks at a convenient time, or when the prospect has a new budget available to spend on engineering services.

By doing this as part of the telesales campaign, we build ongoing relationships with prospects even before they place an order, and this helps to reduce the rate of potentially valuable leads who are simply dropped after a single call.

What happens next

As this rapport translates into qualified leads with a real interest in spending on your goods or services, they are ready to speak directly to your internal sales team to decide on the order they will place.

We can carry out the b2b appointment setting so that your marketing managers just receive a schedule of appointments to attend – whether in person or over the phone.

Alternatively, we can hand qualified leads over to your sales and marketing department to pursue.

In either case, Toucan telemarketing services only refer qualified leads once we are confident that our lead generation efforts have brought them to a stage where they are ready to place an order. Our goal is to leave your internal team with as little work as possible left to do to secure those revenues.

Alternatively, if you are an engineering company looking for tips on your own lead generation, our guide can help you develop a robust marketing strategy.

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