B2B lead generation ‘is the no.1 objective’

B2B lead generation is the primary objective of business marketing campaigns, ahead of other concerns like corporate communications and brand building, reports an article in MINIB.

The journal focuses on the marketing of scientific and research organisations, and recently published a piece titled ‘Lead Generation Strategy as a Multichannel Mechanism of Growth of a Modern Enterprise’.

Within the piece, the authors describe how B2B lead generation is about identifying potential clients and determining that they are likely to place an order, before an actual sales call is placed.

They summarise this as: “In short, it’s about motivating prospects to raise their hands.”

They go on to describe B2B lead generation as the primary aim of any B2B marketing efforts, in order to deliver a steady stream of qualified leads to the sales force.

“Other objectives, such as brand building, brand stewardship, public relations, and corporate communications are also on the list, to be sure,” they add.

Ultimately the end result of any marketing campaign should be to drive positive return on investment, but B2B lead generation is the first step towards this, converting prospects into qualified leads that sales teams can follow up.