How we generate qualified appointments and leads for your business

The intended outcome of most B2B telemarketing campaigns is to generate qualified appointments and leads for the relevant business, but if you have never embarked on such a campaign before, it can be unclear how your telesales agency goes about doing this.

At Toucan Telemarketing, we are always keen for our clients to understand the process we follow and will work closely with you to ensure that the campaign we carry out on your behalf is a fair reflection of what you hope to achieve, ensuring there is always an eye on driving positive return on investment.

For many clients, the first stage is to compile the call list, whether from your existing customer data and expressions of interest that you have yet to follow up on, or from our own expertise at identifying prospects within your area of business and geographical location.

We can also carry out data cleansing – cleaning up existing databases to make sure that all the contact details are up to date and that we are not placing calls to anyone who has clearly stated that they do not want us to.

This leaves a list of feasible prospects allowing our team to begin contacting each in turn and identifying those who are most likely to place an order, those who could possibly be converted with a few follow-up calls to nurture the relationship and those who are unlikely to ever be interested.

We only refer prospects to your own sales team when it is clear that they are ready to convert into a solid sales opportunity and this is when, having confirmed their interest and their ability to close the deal, we will refer them to your team as a qualified lead.

From there it should be a question of appointment setting and following up to close the deal, although of course there are also opportunities for upselling here, if the prospect is particularly interested in what you have to offer.

By handing back these qualified leads to your team for appointment setting, we can make sure that the last meeting is face to face with a representative from your own internal workforce, who is best placed to clarify any last questions and complete the deal on your behalf.

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