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6 challenges outsourced telemarketing can overcome

New marketing managers often face one or more of six common challenges, according to a report from Cascade Insights, each of which could be tackled via outsourced telemarketing services.

The report identifies the following challenges:

– Tribal Knowledge, where a company has been inward-focused on its existing knowledge for too long.
– ‘Missing’ Market Research, where a company has not examined its target market recently.
– Unknown Brand Equity, where the company simply is not known well enough in its target market.
– Unmeasured Messaging Validity, where past marketing messages have not been fully assessed based on performance.
– Unevaluated Marketing, where marketing materials still in use may be out of date or stale.
– Pricing Model Confusion, where outdated pricing structures have not adapted to the changing market.

Outsourced telemarketing can tackle all of these areas, with outward-facing thinking based on real market research, and a focus on building external brand perceptions.

The message and methods used can be brought up to date, with opportunities to assess performance and tweak the campaign based on the results that are seen.

And outsourced telemarketing agencies can bring insight from elsewhere in the industry – helping to overcome tribal thinking while updating aspects of the campaign like pricing, so that it is competitive in the wider context of the target market.