Demonstrating product innovation: what it means to qualified leads

When it comes to product innovation, demonstration is one of the most critical stages of the sales process. This is a unique opportunity to show your prospective client the true value of your offering.

But what is it about product demonstrations that work? And how can they be incorporated into a larger lead generation strategy?

Getting leads excited about new products

At Toucan Telemarketing, we want your leads to get excited about product innovation. With a new product comes mystery, excitement about the new and a desire to learn how it can be applied.

There’s also the element of proving new and innovative features. Product demos give your sales lead the chance to engage with the product as if it were their own, preparing them to convert as they understand its unique value to them.

Additionally, product demos don’t require the resources and development cycles of new and additional information such as webinars and videos. The product is right there in front of you, and it’s going to work the way you can expect it to.

If you are looking to outsource lead generation for a certain product, we can work with you to make sure that our qualified leads have a thorough understanding of why your product is for them.

How do product demos work?

A product demo takes place after a lead has been qualified. This is something that Toucan Telemarketing can set up and lead your potential customer through. The process is different for all companies but roughly follows this process:

  1. Lead generation: Toucan Telemarketing construct an ideal lead generation campaign to source leads
  2. Discovery: We qualify leads to ensure they match your ideal customer profile
  3. Toucan Telemarketing set up an appointment for first contact between you and your lead. Other than a face to face meeting, this could be arranged as a screen share via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype to show video demos.
  4. Pitch: Either you or our qualified team demonstrate the value of the product to the prospective client.
  5. Conversion: You use the product demo along with your sales pitch to close a deal

At Toucan telemarketing, our team of professionals are highly experienced at conducted each stage of this process including getting to know your product as if it were our own to demonstrate its merits.

Building on lead generation with Toucan Telemarketing

Product demonstration is just one technique that can be incorporated into lead generation as a way to encourage engagement from potential customers in a way that naturally moves them towards conversion.

But there are many layers to moving a lead down the sales funnel and quite often, a product demo is used to target leads who are not necessarily at the beginning of this journey. There are other strategies involved in getting leads to convert.

You can use many other B2B telemarketing techniques to nurture different leads in the appropriate way and work towards making a sale.

At Toucan Telemarketing we are able to nurture prospects, generate new business leads and provide a list of qualified prospects for your in-house team to follow up with appointment setting.

We also offer services like database cleansing, to remove obsolete data from your marketing list and streamline future B2B telesales campaigns for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

In addition to all of this, we are proud of our proven track record of appointment setting and lead generation for manufacturing in particular, an area we are always happy to work in and capitalise on this expertise.

We work proudly alongside your own sales and marketing team, to achieve business goals agreed with you at the start of any B2B telemarketing campaign, and continually revisited to make sure we are targeting the very best prospects for growth.

To find out more, contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to talk through the options with you.