Using company down time to your advantage with Toucan Telemarketing

At Toucan Telemarketing, we’ve been working with companies to set up appointments with qualified leads for over 20 years. Here’s how we can continue to do that for businesses through a time of decreased demand and other operational hurdles.

Switching to video calls

At Toucan we favour face to face meetings because we believe that the best way to convey your company and your character is in person. But in these unprecedented times arranging a face to face meeting is out of the question, so how can we provide that essential, personable first impression? The answer is video call.

Video calls are becoming an essential source of communication throughout the globe but this isn’t a new venture by any means. Toucan Telemarketing have been setting up video call appointments throughout all stages of the sales funnel since well before the Covid-19 pandemic. Sometimes a video call is just a more appropriate method of contact, because as such it can:

  • Reduce travel times and costs by setting up a remote meeting
  • Provide more flexibility to arrange appointments at times outside of normal working hours, if needed
  • Increase productivity, meaning that decisions are resolved more quickly, and a defined beginning and end to the call leads to a more focused discussion

Considering these benefits a video call might be the best way to set up a meeting with a prospective client in some cases. Using company downtime to review which of those sales leads are better targeted with a video call could just give you the sales boost you need during a quieter period.

At Toucan we can set up video calls through Zoom, Skype Microsoft Teams or even just a telephone call, for two or more people and facilitate a professional and un-disrupted meeting.

Keeping up appearances

As experts in lead generation with over 20 years experience, we have an intricate understanding of maintaining the delicate relationship required with sales leads. The type of client, the type of person, and their stage within the sales funnel should all be taken into consideration when building this relationship and converting a sale.

At the moment supply and demand have been impacted by the changes we’ve had to make to ensure the slower spread of Coronavirus. For many industries this means a decrease in sales, and in labour costs resulting in many companies choosing to furlough staff.

Where potential sales leads must be retained, and while teams work at less that 100% capacity, we can help. Toucan Telemarketing is a team of professional sales lead generators, appointment setters and telemarketers. We will maintain a level of interest with sales leads until they are ready to convert, and we will never push anyone to make a purchase, always retaining the best reputation for your company.

We thrive on open and honest discussions with you to understand exactly how your business works, channeling this into building resonating brand recognition and qualified leads.

Use time resourcefully

Due to the current global situation, business operations have been altered and sales pitched adjusted. The most valuable adaptations will be different depending on each industry and individual company.

Learning how to use our time resourcefully is the most valuable tool of all. If you have more time on your hands right now, it can be used to determine tasks which can be worked on and those which need to be postponed. This is the optimal time for creating a long term strategy and spotting upcoming tasks which can be tackled now ahead of time.

Although sales may be low for many businesses at the moment, some have actually been afforded the advantage of preparing a sales strategy for when operations return to normal. At Toucan, we will work with you to make a forecast of your future sales lead, and devise a strategy to target it. Collecting prospective leads for when business is running as normal again could provide you the insurance required to bounce back, bigger and stronger than before.

If you think we could help you, get in touch today.