How does word of mouth help in lead generation telemarketing?

Depending on how well known your brand is in your industry, a lead generation telemarketing campaign might have an existing platform of positive word of mouth to build upon.

In general, positive word of mouth is seen as a good thing, increasing the likelihood of new business leads and, ultimately, of new customers placing an order.

However, an article in the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing has looked beyond the initial purchase decision to ask whether word of mouth, or WOM, has an effect on the customer’s later satisfaction.

A team from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications found that positive WOM has a positive effect on customer satisfaction where search goods are concerned – those that are easily and directly comparable with one another.

By contrast though, positive WOM can raise expectations to unrealistic levels where experience goods are concerned – services such as entertainment or healthcare, which are harder to compare – and lead to lower satisfaction outcomes.

The findings have implications for lead generation telemarketing, particularly when promoting an experiential service, as more careful lead nurturing may be required to avoid lower satisfaction later.

At the same time, in more direct B2B telesales where a supply agreement for search goods is being negotiated, positive WOM provides a platform for greater confidence that the customer will be satisfied with the goods when they are received and used.

What does all this mean for your telemarketing campaign? Well, we will always work hard to portray your product or service in a positive light – but it’s important not to over-exaggerate its plus points either.

Our team work hard to strike the right balance in this regard, and this is one more of the ways in which our experience and expertise helps to maximise not only your immediate sales, but also the long-term satisfaction of your customers so that your repeat orders are maximised too.