Tips on lead generation for manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies are often more reliant on word of mouth and repeat custom for b2b lead generation, but without outbound telemarketing campaigns you could be missing out on reaching previously untapped parts of the market.

While there’s nothing wrong with hoping customers will come back time and time again, this doesn’t really allow you to grow through new potential customers, unless your existing customers’ demands increase.

Positive word of mouth can help you to win new business leads, but if you really want to outpace the rate of growth in your current customer base, you need to generate new leads externally through an effective lead generation strategy.

Outsourced lead generation for manufacturing companies is the way to add to your order book, not only in the immediate future, but by enhancing your brand reputation for even better word of mouth and larger repeat orders in the long term.

Appointment setting matters

A foot in the door can make a huge difference to winning business in the manufacturing sector.

Telesales sometimes generates new sales over the phone, but it can also be used as a precursor to face-to-face meetings. Appointment setting allows you to demonstrate your company’s manufacturing capabilities to business decision makers in person, making telemarketing a highly effective tool in your marketing strategy.

It’s difficult to achieve large volume appointment setting in the manufacturing sector without a coordinated campaign with clear goals from the outset – something an outsourced B2B telemarketing team can help you with.

Curated prospects

Qualified leads and converted sales opportunities rely on good quality data from the outset. Toucan Telemarketing maintain curated lists of good prospects in sectors including manufacturing and can conduct data cleansing on your existing marketing lists too.

By combining these techniques, we can generate a new, up-to-date list of good prospects to contact once your B2B telemarketing campaign is underway – eliminating the time wasted when your marketing database contains incorrect or irrelevant old contact information.

Defined deals

We can help you to define clear deals, special offers or opportunities to include in your sales pitch – something that is often overlooked in manufacturing telesales campaigns.

It’s important to include a hook in your telesales pitch, as just calling a prospect to tell them that you exist is less likely to give them a reason to place an order.

By including a time-limited offer of some kind, you can encourage them to bring forward any planned spending, adding to your order book faster and turning their budget into revenues for your firm. This extends to content marketing in areas such as social media and blog posts when trying to increase visibility on search engines.

Our lead generation tips can be utilised to maximum effect by sourcing the best leads for your manufacturing business.

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