Manufacturers: What’s Your Outbound Strategy for Sales Growth?

A woman speaks on the phone while analysing data.

Paula Bates, Managing Director of Toucan Telemarketing has managed outbound telemarketing campaigns for hundreds of manufacturing businesses over the years. She knows a thing or two about sector specific sales processes. And she also knows plenty about a common sales problem that many growth-hungry manufacturers share.

“Most of the Sales Teams we work with in the manufacturing sector are all over inbound enquiries”, explains Paula. “But they’re not proactive, and they lack sales systems and processes.”

In short, they know their stuff better than anybody else and they’re often brilliant at what they do. But they rely on inbound sales and neglect proactive outreach.

It’s a conundrum. With the UK manufacturing sector in growth, you want to ensure your slice of the action. But the question is how, if local prospects, supply chain or niches within the wider manufacturing world don’t know about you and what you have to offer?

How to Solve this Common Manufacturing Sales Problem

“The very words – cold calling – put fear in most people,” Paula continues. “This extends to even the most seasoned salespeople, because many of them are used to the luxury of researchers doing prospecting for them.”

“It’s our job to provide effective and measurable outbound sales solutions that move leads to engaged prospects who are potentially ready to buy from your business.”

Toucan Telemarketing’s lead generation services extend far beyond a ‘spray and pray’ numbers game to achieve results of this calibre.

“We identify who holds the purse strings, and we pursue conversations professionally, without making your prospects run a mile, “she says. “And when we get the conversations, we make them count, asking the key questions, such as –

  • “Who are you currently buying from?”
  • “When will you be in the market to buy again, if not now?”
  • “How much will you be looking to buy?”

What Difference Can an Outbound Sales Strategy Make to Your Sales Growth?

Paula concludes, “We’re giving your sales team a pot of warmed-up, qualified prospects that they haven’t had to sit there hammering the phones themselves for. And importantly, we’ve already put in the time and effort in on your behalf, to build a rapport with your prospects. As a result, your Sales Team – and your business in general – can benefit massively from a list of over-ready contacts with a genuine interest in converting to clients.”

Are you concerned that your outbound sales strategy isn’t robust, or that you don’t even have an outbound sales strategy? Contact us via our website or email for an initial chat.